Re: official support for more scripting languages in gnome needed

Guile should be treated equally with Python and Perl (equally encouraged and supported).  
Guile is the official scripting language of the GNU Project.

--- Vlad Harchev <hvv hippo ru> wrote:
>  Hi, 
>  It's obvious that a lot of small gnome applets and
> utilities would better be
> written using some scripting language than C (e.g.
> using GtkPerl or PyGtk
> bindings) from quality, feature-richness,
> maintanability. As for utilities -
> it's floppy disk formatter, color browser, 'about
> myself' utility, etc.
> Moreover, Ximian setup tools already use python
> extensively even for GUI.
> Unfortunately only lisp is among scripting languages
> supported by gnome
> (sawfish uses it, and some utilities like gnucash).
> What I propose is to make
> popular scripting languages like Python and Perl (I
> have nothing against lisp
> dialects, but there are much more programmers who
> know Python or Perl than who
> know lisp) a requirement of gnome (so e.g. gnome
> won't run without them), and
> so that bindings for these languages are shipped
> with gnome, and it would be
> highly appreciated from utility authors to write
> their utils not in C, but in
> either Perl or Python. This will result in
> availability of a ton of
> feature-rich, polished and intelligent and helpful
> utilities available with
> gnome.

>  Best regards,
>   -Vlad

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