Re: gnome-libs and DB3

Matthew Schalit wrote:

> Ok.  I tried 3.2.9 and I can get it to ouput a __db185_open like you
> mentioned.
> Given that fact, it appears that it would pass the current gnome-libs
> configure conftest.  I don't know whether it would work in practice
> though, because, as I mentioned, any version above 2.7.7 breaks db185
> compatability due to the removal of functions like dbopen().  

I don't know, because I havent tried. I intend to (try to) build Gnome
with BDB 3 after 1.4 release. If dbopen() is really needed and if it
does the same thing as __db_open() (more or less), then there is
assortment of sed jobs, linker options and other magick available.
Something depends on the platform, but not everything.

> ones BDB included.   No luck there.  I get a dynamic linker error complaining
> symbol not found: cond_signal; referenced from: .libs/

That's a function from UI thread package. I'm not sure in which library
you have it (on Solaris it's in, so it might be the same).
Check the man page and find the library. Then check if
is linked with that library. If not, force the inclusion when linking.

That should allow you to pass the test, but I'm not sure if the whole
thing would actually work in practice. If you have a single threaded
application which is linked with the library that brings thread library
into process space, anything's possible. Unless the platform documents
what happens in that case.

BTW, which compiler did you use?

> So if I can't test 3.2.9 and the readme says to use 2.7.7, then I figure
> it's best for me to use 2.7.7.

Oh, I'm not arguing against that, but I'd like to have working
installation with BDB 3, in order to avoid having several of them around
and possible upgrade nightmares. So I'd like to invest some time in making
it work with version 3, but this is purely a personal preference.

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