Re: gnome file open dialog.

That's a replacement for a standard GTK+ file selector - there are
patches for source, RPMs of GTK+ 1.2.8 with the patch, and a drop-in
replacement for the file-selector (use LD_PRELOAD to use the new file

I don't know how active the development is, but perhaps it could be
merged.  I'm sure that's come up before though, I dunno.  It seems kind
of outdated, though.

On 18 Mar 2001 21:47:12 +0000, Matthew Walton wrote:

> Isn't the GNOME file dialog just the standard GTK+ one? GTK+ certainly needs
> a better dialog - a button for the ~ directory should be there at the very
> least, and I would definitely prefer something closer to what KDE2 has. One
> hopes GTK+ 2 has better dialogs planned, but it would be nice to see better
> ones added to GTK 1.2. Surely it's not too hard to replace the dialog with
> something nicer without breaking the interface? That's the point of using a
> fake OO architecture for the library in the first place isn't it? And if one
> can't be put in GTK+, perhaps one should be added to gnome-libs.
> Leon Chiver wrote:
> > I've installed gnome 1.4 beta2 from ximian, and I have to say that UGLY,
> > HARD TO USE file-open-dialog is still there. When will come that day
> > when gnome will be as easy and productive to
> > use as kde is?
> >
> > I'm using gnome but I expected more from gnome 1.4. It's still not there
> > where it should be.
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