Libpng error


      I've got problem when lauching gnome 1.4rc1.
      First, you have to know that i compiled it using my feeling. I'm
      not a master :). It worked for gnome 1.4beta2 but with the rc1,
      i've got the error :

      /opt/apps/lib/gdk-pixbuf/loaders/ :
      undefined reference to png_create_read_struct.

      I've got the libpng librairies( only one version on my system,
      no conflict possible ).

      - What's the problem and how to resolve it ?
      - Is there any docs to tell you how to compile gnome 1.4, or just
      a list to tell you the order you must compile the different

Best regards,
 Michenaud                          mailto:lmichenaud m6net fr

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