Re: Libpng error

Michenaud Laurent wrote:
> Hello,
>       I've got problem when lauching gnome 1.4rc1.
>       First, you have to know that i compiled it using my feeling. I'm
>       not a master :). It worked for gnome 1.4beta2 but with the rc1,
>       i've got the error :
>       /opt/apps/lib/gdk-pixbuf/loaders/ :
>       undefined reference to png_create_read_struct.
>       I've got the libpng librairies( only one version on my system,
>       no conflict possible ).
>       - What's the problem and how to resolve it ?
>       - Is there any docs to tell you how to compile gnome 1.4, or just
>       a list to tell you the order you must compile the different
>       packages.
>       Thanks
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> Best regards,
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Sounds like gdkpixbuf was compiled incorrectly
and that the -lpng flag was not included when it
was compiled, so it's missing the functions that
libpng would have made available.

There's just the order of files to compile.  There are
various howtos, but nowhere specific.  You'll need to
search pretty hard.  

It's very important to read the configure output carefully 
and then the config.log output for the real reason why a 
dependancy failed.  

That way you'll fix these dependancy problems before having 
to start over when you get a runtime dependancy error.

Often you fix things by adding a lib to the mix with

     LIBS="-lnsl" ./configure --enable-shared .....

Good Luck,

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