Session Management - GNOME compliance...

At the moment, session management seems to be in a terrible state. The 
interaction between applications and the window manager/session manager 
is flakey, to say the least. A large amount of applications are not 
getting restored to the correct workspace, viewport, etc.. 
I think this should be an imperitive fix for GNOME2.0.
I am pretty certain that this is caused by applications not implementing
the save_yourself callback properly and not *neccessarily* the fault of 
gnome-session and the window managers. 

To quote from Havoc's book ;) -

"Your application should save as much interesting state information as 
possible: the current open documents, cursor position, command histories,
and so on. Applications should **not** save their current window geometries;
the window manager is responsible for that".

So if you're hacking your apps for the new platform, can you check that
it is implementing the save_yourself callback properly?...and make them 
GNOME compliant ;P

The following links maybe useful--

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

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