Re: official support for more scripting languages in gnome needed

<quote who="Dominic Ludlam">

> I'm annoyed at RedHat that I can't install a working system without python.
> The same goes for Debian and Perl.  I'm extremely annoyed that the default
> gnome workstation redhat install is >700Mb.  Why do I need 5 mail clients and
> 5 web browsers *by default*.  If I want them, I'll install them.
> For linux, I had to install the core system then remove the programs I didn't
> want, only to find that I couldn't uninstall many because of rediculous
> dependencies.

Dude, geeeeez!

Install only what you need. Don't use the "GNOME Desktop" selections when
you set up. Install packages individually. If your distro isn't good at
doing this, get another distro.

Don't complain about packages required for the operation of the operating
system. Debian requires Perl to work, etc. I have a Debian box here with
lots of free space on a 200MB hard drive.

Use *your* brain, don't rely on your distro, and if you've got something to
whinge about... FIX IT, DON'T BITCH.

- Jeff

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