Re: official support for more scripting languages in gnome needed

Please don't make any more dependencies in the core gnome system.

Individual programs that require scripting languages is fine - I can then
choose for myself whether I want to use that program and whether I want to
pull in the dependencies for that.

I'm annoyed at RedHat that I can't install a working system without python.
The same goes for Debian and Perl.  I'm extremely annoyed that the default
gnome workstation redhat install is >700Mb.  Why do I need 5 mail clients and
5 web browsers *by default*.  If I want them, I'll install them.

I spent a weekend reinstalling linux and windows 2000, and had a much better
time with windows.  The core install is ~150Mb (still large, but not too bad)
and I can then pick and choose apps as I want.

For linux, I had to install the core system then remove the programs I didn't
want, only to find that I couldn't uninstall many because of rediculous

Keep the core as lean as possible, then let users decide what programs they
will want to use, then everyone will be happier.



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