Re: official support for more scripting languages in gnome needed

On Mon, Mar 19, 2001 at 10:31:02PM +0000, Dominic Ludlam wrote:
> Please don't make any more dependencies in the core gnome system.

sigh.  i'm trying to ignore this thread.

[redhat makes me install python]
[debian makes me install perl]
[one type of default redhat install doesn't install the specific
 mail/web client i like]
[i didn't choose the redhat install that let me pick packages and i want
 to know why i couldn't choose packages]
[i'm going to ramble about windows and linux installs giving meager
 amounts of detail]

ok, first dom, thanks for reminding me why i can't stand writing code for
end users.  a large block of them just whine aimlessly, in contridictory
ways and above all *constantly*.  i subscribed to the gnome-dev list to
get a gnome-terminal patch in.  now that i finally have time (if people
think s/w development has lots of slips and confusing feedback/ui, try
the building trade), i'll make the requested changes, submit them again
and escape to the relative sanity of serverland.

now i should give credit to the sadly less vocal group of users that
provide *excellent* bug reports and sane feedback based on reality
instead of ill-informed prejudgements.  thanks folks.  if i can offer
one bit of advice it's this: reproduce a lot and teach your children well.

but just to add a bit of reality to dom's post here:

    - redhat 6.2 install, nearly barebones with the dev tools, kernel and
      networked wrkstation and a few other bits i don't remember selected
      in the "custom install" option: 136M.  btw, this includes perl
      (14m) and python (6.6m).
    - the redhat install system lets you pick packages individually.
      as does slackware, debian, suse and others.
    - as far as saving space you target interpreters.  perl and python
      add up to 20m.  /usr/share/locale on my gnome/gnu/linux laptop is
      41m.  62m for /usr/doc.  even libc.a is 20m.  /usr/share/locale is
      chockful of stuff you will no doubt *ever* use.  telling everyone to
      code in c will only save you 20m, telling everyone to speak english
      will save 42m!  germany and france are the worst offenders here,
      mail 'em all and let them know.  and tell them they've got their .
      and , mixed up in numbers.
    - if my mom has to pick gnome packages by the languages they were
      written in - and those languages are "python, perl, guile, etc" -
      she'll stop and go back to her mac.  and she should.
    - getting back to the 20m thing, you can get a 45gig hd off scan for
      around 150 STG which is cheap even with shipping and the exchange
      rate.  and you'd be hard pressed to get less then 2gigs these days -
      and if you want the extra 2m on one of those why not try
      tune2fs -m 4 /dev/usr.partition.device ?
    - the reason several mail/web clients get installed is a small symptom
      of a much larger problem.  i see it a great deal where i work
      since i wrote a web front-end to our in-house systems.  anyway i
      think i have a solution - libesp - but i haven't released it yet.
      while it works for the general case i've found that when the head
      is encased by a large muscle-group i can't get a proper signal.

for those developers who have the saintly level of patience required
to do gui development, well, i salute you.  amazing people.  i hope
you see the anti-script arguments (bogus security issues, bogus space
issues, bogus speed issues) for what they are - bogus.  code in the
langs you like and that you feel are the best tools for the job at hand.
please don't let people who like to whine limit your choice in tools.


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