Re: official support for more scripting languages in gnome needed

>     - redhat 6.2 install, nearly barebones with the dev tools, kernel and
>       networked wrkstation and a few other bits i don't remember selected
>       in the "custom install" option: 136M.  btw, this includes perl
>       (14m) and python (6.6m).


> for those developers who have the saintly level of patience required
> to do gui development, well, i salute you.  amazing people.  i hope
> you see the anti-script arguments (bogus security issues, bogus space
> issues, bogus speed issues) for what they are - bogus.  code in the
> langs you like and that you feel are the best tools for the job at hand.
> please don't let people who like to whine limit your choice in tools.

And don't limit my choice in what or what not to include in my system!  For my
purposes, the 20.6 MB for perl and python *do* make a difference, therefore I
won't use them.  And if you make gnome dependant on those languages, then I
won't use Gnome either.  Heading down to Fry's to pick up a 30GB hard drive is
not an option here, and besides, that should never be an argument or we will
end up going the same direction as Microsoft.  Is that precise enough for you?


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