1.4 compliance

Hi! :)
    I'm the author and current maintainer of a game for GNOME, called
GnomerMind (a MasterMind game, as you've guessed by the name, but not a
clone); I've tried, programming it, to be as adherent as possible to the
standards... I followed Havoc Pennington's checklist, and I've add (in
regard of a recent thread) session management, as well (it's nice to see a
game that restarts from where it was when GNOME was shut down... :). But now
I'd like to do a step more...
    Is there somewhere some paper that lists the "rules" to follow to
program a 1.4-compliant application? Or, even better, to look forward to
2.0? I read somewhere that something has changed, for example about
documentation... where can I have infoes on this?
    Moreover, is compatibility maintained? In other words, if I modify my
app to achieve that goal, will it be still useable on 1.2?
    Thank you very much,
        Mano :)

PS: I know probably this isn't critical for a game, but it's for a
personal... training in programming, I could say...

GnomerMind - an intriguing puzzle
             game for your GNOME!
mano78 users sourceforge net

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