Re: 1.4 compliance

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> From: "Germano Rizzo" <manomano ciaoweb it>
> To: <gnome-devel-list gnome org>
> Subject: 1.4 compliance
> Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 13:17:25 +0100
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> Hi! :)
>     I'm the author and current maintainer of a game for GNOME, called
> GnomerMind (a MasterMind game, as you've guessed by the name, but not a
> clone); I've tried, programming it, to be as adherent as possible to the
> standards... I followed Havoc Pennington's checklist, and I've add (in
> regard of a recent thread) session management, as well (it's nice to see a
> game that restarts from where it was when GNOME was shut down... :). But now
> I'd like to do a step more...

Mano, I want to kiss you and have your babies...Thank you. :P
This man's a genius...Can others please take note? :)

		See ya,
			Glynn ;)

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