Re: Wish about gnome desk guide (pager)

Sean Middleditch wrote:

Why can't the menus be merged on the Tasklist, though?  That's actually
something I was thinking of trying (there's a while bunch of stuff I
want to hack on when gnome-core when 1.4 is actually out) - I know I
have a habit of right-clicking anywhere on the task-list to get the
normal applet right-click menu (for example, to open the tasklist
properties window), and it's a pain to have to move over to the tiny

Because (IMHO) it is easier, cleaner, nicer. You have less options to look at, and usually you want the ones you use often. You only configure your tasklist once a month! and now that gnome 1.4 task list has an option to use only free space, you won't need to configure it ;)))

Manuel Clos
llanero jazzfree com

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