Re: official support for more scripting languages in gnome needed

On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, Paulo Pinto wrote:

>   This discussion makes me want to change to KDE.
>   WHY ?
>   Because everytime someone proposes something that isn't C
> it gets flammed with 'Oh I don't want you to impose that on me'
> crap.
>   For God sake, he was only proposing more support to languages
> like Perl, Python and so on. But NO, it isn't C so it isn't good.
> I know how it is to be flammed like this, from time to time, I
> watch people being flammed just because they want to code GNOME
> applications in C++, like myself.
>   KDE people don't suffer from this problem, I know this because
> I watch their mailling lists also.
>   Why it is so hard to be open to other languages ?

I don't know about that. There is quite a bit of C++ and MANY other
languages in Gnome. That is one of Gnome's strengths.

Languages are religous issues and the only reason they don't arise in KDE
is because it's impossible to hack in anything other than C++ or Python

When was the last time you saw someone from KDE supporting a project in C?


Martin Sevior

(Happily hacking on AbiWord in C++)

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