Re: panel: global keybindings activated on key release, not press?

Oskar Liljeblad <osk hem passagen se> writes:

> In panel of gnome-core 1.4.0 you can associate global key bindings
> for these two commands:
>   Popup menu key
>   Run dialog key
> They are handled in panel_global_keys_filter in panel/global-key.c.
> The strange thing about these commands are that they are activated
> when you *release* the keys bound to them. This is annoying, since
> there is a 250-1000 ms delay (depending on key repeat rate) before
> they are activated - if you happen to hold the key and not release
> it immediately.
> So basicly my idea to fix this is to s/KeyRelease/KeyPress/
> in the first lines in panel_global_keys_filter:
> 	if(xevent->type != KeyRelease)
> I have no idea what unexpected consequences this might have though...

You really don't want to know why that code is currently checking for
KeyRelease. Lets just say that it it was a essential link in a line of

But now that things have been fixed, I think it could be safely
changed to check for KeyPress instead.


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