Re: panel: global keybindings activated on key release, not press?

On Mon, 26 Mar 2001, Oskar Liljeblad wrote:


> In panel of gnome-core 1.4.0 you can associate global key bindings
> for these two commands:
>   Popup menu key
>   Run dialog key
> They are handled in panel_global_keys_filter in panel/global-key.c.
> The strange thing about these commands are that they are activated
> when you *release* the keys bound to them. This is annoying, since
> there is a 250-1000 ms delay (depending on key repeat rate) before
> they are activated - if you happen to hold the key and not release
> it immediately.
> So basicly my idea to fix this is to s/KeyRelease/KeyPress/
> in the first lines in panel_global_keys_filter:
> 	if(xevent->type != KeyRelease)
> I have no idea what unexpected consequences this might have though...
> I also did another thing, changing the "Popup menu key" command.
> This command makes a panel-like menu pop up under the mouse cursor.
> With the patch below this behaves more like Ctrl+Escape in
> Windows/IceWM (to open the Start menu).
> I'd like comments about the patch below...

 As for where to popup menu - I personnally much prefer former behaviour -
since menu was popping up under pointer and I didn't have to move the pointer
to the bottom left corner.

 So, I think the best option is to add yet another configuration setting (with
GUI control) that controls where menu is popup - under the pointer or in the
bottom left corner. Changing the behaviour unconditionally between prerelease
and release is too Microsoftish..
 Best regards,

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