gtk+-1.2.10 should be in gnome-1.4 (was: Re: Final package deadline for GNOME 1.4)

On 27 Mar 2001, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:


 I think gtk+-1.2.10 should be officially released before 1.4 deadline. As I
understand, gtk maintainers decided to release it (they even bumped minor
version number to 10 in but gave up releasing it for some
reason. See for more info..

 I18n in gtk+-1.2.9 is totally broken - it doesn't allow cutting and pasting
any text that contains international characters (true at least for russian,
may be true for iso-8859-1 - didn't check it), and also another couple of i18n
problems. The fixes for these problems are in the CVS for a long time (about 2

 See the following threads:

 I think gnome-1.4 should contain gtk with all fixes - i.e. gtk+-1.2.10
should be released first, and then included in gnome-1.4.

> Hi everyone, 
> This is a reminder that the final due date for tarballs for GNOME 1.4
> is this Wednesday, Mar 28, at 12:00 Pacific Time.
> The GNOME 1.4 Release Team has decided not to add an RC2 cycle, but we
> will hold the final 1.4 release until April 2 on the recommendation of
> Greg and Leslie, the PR coordinators for this release.
> The expecation for the final release is that most packages will not
> need or want to change rekativce to RC1. Therefore, we will assume all
> packages should be the same as in RC1 unless we hear otherwise.
> If you have a package for the main release that needs changes, please
> follow the following procedure:
> 1) Doc and translation updates are automatically OK. If that's all you
>    changed, please let us know when you send mail.
> 2) If your updated package has code changes, please send pointers to
>    bugzilla bug reports (any bugzilla out there is OK) that describe
>    the bugs the changes fix. If there are no existing bug reports,
>    please create them retroactively and mark FIXED. This is critical
>    so the release team can properly evaluate the need for and risk
>    imposed by the changes.
> 3) Send mail with all this information and an indication of the
>    package and version to <gnome-1 4-release-team gnome org>. Please
>    make sure to send to the release team list, not directly to me, so
>    we can all review this information, and split the work of staging
>    packages.
> Let me know if you have any concerns.
> Thanks,
> Maciej

 Best regards,

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