Final package deadline for GNOME 1.4

Hi everyone, 

This is a reminder that the final due date for tarballs for GNOME 1.4
is this Wednesday, Mar 28, at 12:00 Pacific Time.

The GNOME 1.4 Release Team has decided not to add an RC2 cycle, but we
will hold the final 1.4 release until April 2 on the recommendation of
Greg and Leslie, the PR coordinators for this release.

The expecation for the final release is that most packages will not
need or want to change rekativce to RC1. Therefore, we will assume all
packages should be the same as in RC1 unless we hear otherwise.

If you have a package for the main release that needs changes, please
follow the following procedure:

1) Doc and translation updates are automatically OK. If that's all you
   changed, please let us know when you send mail.

2) If your updated package has code changes, please send pointers to
   bugzilla bug reports (any bugzilla out there is OK) that describe
   the bugs the changes fix. If there are no existing bug reports,
   please create them retroactively and mark FIXED. This is critical
   so the release team can properly evaluate the need for and risk
   imposed by the changes.

3) Send mail with all this information and an indication of the
   package and version to <gnome-1 4-release-team gnome org>. Please
   make sure to send to the release team list, not directly to me, so
   we can all review this information, and split the work of staging

Let me know if you have any concerns.



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