Re: Some little proposals...

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Naba Kumar wrote:

> I have a suggestion here. We can go for a "Gnome source upgrader"
> which will upgrade the source tree in our computers with diffs of the
> latest Gnome releases. The upgrader will identify the Gnome release in
> our computers (I am refering to the source tarballs and not rpm
> packages) and then get the necessary diffs from the server, extract
> the tarballs, apply the paches in right order and then gzip them (or
> bzip them :-)).

This is what rsync was invented for...  What you actually want to do is
have the gnome stuff available in _uncompressed_ format.  It might be
slightly better to have the tarballs expanded out into directories
depending on whether the common changes are creation and deletion of
files, or just a few lines changed here and there.

It is also worth noting that debian partialy does what you ask wrt to
source packages already.


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