Re: Some little proposals...

> I have a suggestion here. We can go for a "Gnome source upgrader" which will
> upgrade
> the source tree in our computers with diffs of the latest Gnome releases. The
> upgrader will identify the Gnome release in our computers (I am refering to
> the source tarballs and not rpm packages) and then get the necessary diffs
> from the server, extract the tarballs, apply the paches in right order and
> then gzip them (or bzip them :-)).
> This way only the fist download will take *lots* of time. The following
> upgrade will only take only *little* time as only the diffs will be downloaded.
> There are many upgraders (eg Helix updater, Ezael updater etc ), but
> they work with rpm packages. They actually download the whole
> binary of all the packages, which if considered, technically, is *very*
> inefficient way of utilizing the available bandwidth.
> Gnome release team can automate the process of generating diffs of
> all the packages in the gnome release and then they can keep them
> in seperate dir, for example, gnome-1.4rc1-diffs/ dir.

Sounds exactly like what CVS does.

Gediminas Paulauskas

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