xml preformated text & db2html != gnome-db2html


I am just putting two questions together (they are unrelated).

1) How can I put preformated text (that may contain "</>" etc)
without confusing the xml parser? Last time I tried, it was
producing errors and core dumped. May be I'm missing something
here, but I just couldn't make it.

2) Why is gnome-db2html so happy to produce the whole chapter
in a single page? It's annoying, since these so-called _chapters_
in so-called _books_ tend to be big.

db2html does fine with section per page. Moreover, the two programs seem
to be parsing the sgml file differently and expecting different
tags (jade was producing so much error compiling the gnome sgml
docs). Are they suppose to work on different doc types?



Coincidences are spiritual puns.
		-- G.K. Chesterton

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