Re: xml preformated text & db2html != gnome-db2html

Naba Kumar <kh_naba yahoo com> writes:

> 2) Why is gnome-db2html so happy to produce the whole chapter in a
> single page? It's annoying, since these so-called _chapters_ in
> so-called _books_ tend to be big.

Because it is a quick hack that was never *really* meant to be the
docs converter.

Work has begun on its replacement using Daniel Veillard's
libxml/libxslt packages. With these we will move to XSL for
transformation of the docs - Daniel is putting in support for all
portions of the XSL spec so things like chunking (splitting the doc at
determined locations) will be possible.

db2html uses Jade to do the heavy lifting. However, Jade is a bit too
heavy to do 'on the fly' conversion of docs like we want. 



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