Re: xml preformated text & db2html != gnome-db2html

So in gnome-2.0 the docbook->html converter will be using actual
stylesheets and not be just a sgml-format look-alike?

That's way cool! 8)

On 4 May 2001, David Mason wrote:

> Naba Kumar <kh_naba yahoo com> writes:
> > 2) Why is gnome-db2html so happy to produce the whole chapter in a
> > single page? It's annoying, since these so-called _chapters_ in
> > so-called _books_ tend to be big.
> Because it is a quick hack that was never *really* meant to be the
> docs converter.
> Work has begun on its replacement using Daniel Veillard's
> libxml/libxslt packages. With these we will move to XSL for
> transformation of the docs - Daniel is putting in support for all
> portions of the XSL spec so things like chunking (splitting the doc at
> determined locations) will be possible.
> db2html uses Jade to do the heavy lifting. However, Jade is a bit too
> heavy to do 'on the fly' conversion of docs like we want. 
> Cheers,
> Dave


One day a tortoise will learn to fly
	-- Terry Pratchett, 'Small Gods'

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