Re: automatic RPM generation

For the majority of packages, this works:

wget host/path/<package>.tar.gz
rpm -tb --target=i686 <package>.tar.gz
rpm -Uvh /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i686/*

but you have to take care of the dependancies yourself, and some pkgs don't
have a working specfile, yet... of course, substitute the dir and the target
to sui your needs.
    Mano :)

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Subject: automatic RPM generation

| hi folks,
| is there a way to do completely automatic rpm building and installation
| ?
| i wanna have following:
| an little script should fetch the newest release of packages
| (i.e. glib, gtk or gnome stuff), build rpms and install them.
| but how to do the automatic rpm generation ?
| is there something like 'make rpm' ?
| --nekrad
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