Re: gnome-terminal and --use-factory

On 24 May 2001 13:40:05 -0500, Adrian Hosey wrote:
> On 24 May 2001, jacob berkman wrote:
> :
> : i forget the exact problems (it was over a year ago that we added this).
> : two problems i remember are getting session management and environment
> : variables (since it doesn't proxy these over to the main terminal
> : process) right.
> Do you think those problems are surmountable? I would actually be really
> happy if --use-factory worked in more circumstances, since I use the -e
> flag a lot. I could take a crack at fixing the problems unless someone
> tells me it's hopeless.

i'm not sure - the thinking was that the easiest way to ensure that it
worked how people would expect it to (ie, no noticable change) when
using the factory option was to have it just use that when people just
want a blank terminal.

you can try it... i think i almost had it working.

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