Re: [[gtkmm] Re: Strange problem running a Gnome App]

> Gnome::Animator hasn't changed, but Gnomemm is unstable, so you shouldn't
> expect to be able to run programs with different versions of the library.
> Please rebuild and install gnomemm-1.1.19 on both machines from source. Then
> rebuild your application on both machines and tell us if there is still a
> problem.

I'll try that, but like i mentioned in my other email, the thing that confuses
me is that I'm compiling it on a box with gnomemm-1.1.17, but running it makes
it crash. When i copy it to another box with gnomemm-1.1.15 (remeber, i've
compiled against 1.1.17), it _does_ work. That's why I'm seriously thinking
it's not a gnomemm issue, but rather something else - like the theme for

I'll experiment some more and hopefully find the bug, wherever it may be. ;-)

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