Hi Windows and Linux Problem

Hi People,
I am using Intell-Celeron 600 Mhz, 64 mb RAM,  and 10 GB Harddisk. Now I was formatted my harddisk for use of windows 2000 professional and Red Hat Linux 7.
But When I installed Red hat 7 or 6.2, it erases my windows 2000 from machin, means when I boot from floppy(linux bootable floppy, I don't use LILO), Linux starts perfect. but when i boot for windows, it show 10 10 10 for whole screen, and flickers. it doesn't start windows.
It was working properly before some time. suddenly when i format my machien for windows 2000. this problem starts.

I think this problem, because of MBR, as the 'SEAGATE' says that my mbr is currupt becasue of to much time formatting..or wrong formatting..I downloaded DiskManager from my seagate.com site. and restore the MBR and then install everything..but it does'not working, it repeating samething..
anybody can help me about this issue.
I want to install windows 2000 (5 gb)and redhat linux 7 on machine (5 gb). widnows want to boot from my c drive. and linux want to boon from floppy drive.
Plese help.
What is this 10 10 10 problem? and what is the proper solutions for this?
As soon as possible!
Thankx in Advance
Sachin Korgaonkar

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