Re: Makefile and includes

Roberto wrote:
> I must to compile my application with gtkhtml:
> `gnome-config --cflags --libs gtkhtml`
> I must to prepare and with gtkhtml support.
> HOW?

Ok, I am going to give you an overview of what you need
but the best way is too look at how other apps do it.
I'll do my best to write something usable, but since i can't
compile it i can't be sure that it is ok.

Lets use as an example an application named BONGO.

(this is how i prefer to do it, and it works well
see the gnome-print (1-4 branch))

In add  :

BONGO_CFLAGS="$($GNOME_CONFIG --cflags gnome gtkhtml)"
BONGO_LIBS="$($GNOME_CONFIG --libs gnome gtkhtml)"


In src/ add :

	-I$(top_srcdir) \
	-I$(top_srcdir)/intl \

bongo_LDADD = 				\
	$(INTLLIBS) 			\

I think that's it, but it is better to base your app
structure on someone elses app.


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