Re: A text every GNOME programmer should read.

On 22 May 2001, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> Hey guys,
>    If you are a programmer, I would like to encourage you to read the
> following article.  It is called `UI Design for Programmers':
>    One of the best pieces of text I have read.

Well, it's quite long, but I scanned through it and it should make a very
good read. However, GNOME does not comply to everything Joel says there.
For instance, I always found the lack of keyboard functionality in
Gtk+/GNOME frustrating and he talks extensively about proper keyboard

I have yet to find a GNOME dialog which I can operate without a mouse, and
Nautilus does not seem to have one keyboard binding present "for the sake
of medicine". In KDE, the situation is much better and I think GNOME
should follow suit.


	Shlomi Fish

BTW, do we have a SillySounds directory where Miguel de Icaza says "Hi! My
name is Miguel de Icaza and I pronounce GNOME as GNOME."? (In English 
and Spanish) There are any number of ways to pronounce GNOME:

1. Nome (that's how I pronounce it because it is the proper English
pronouncation of the word "gnome".)
2. gg-nome (the common Israeli paradigm for pronouncing it)
3. Gah-nome (I read somewhere that it should be pronounced that way)
4. Jee-nome (Ditto)

So it will be intersting to know how GNOME's project head pronounces it.

> Best wishes,
> Miguel.
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