Re: A text every GNOME programmer should read.

> Well, it's quite long, but I scanned through it and it should make a very
> good read. However, GNOME does not comply to everything Joel says there.
> For instance, I always found the lack of keyboard functionality in
> Gtk+/GNOME frustrating and he talks extensively about proper keyboard
> integration. 

That is why I wanted people to read it.  First of all, because it
makes us -mere programmers- understand UI from a demistified point of
view.  It is no longer a "magic art" of those with an artistic brain.
It is a simpler, easier to understand problem.

The second reason is to get people looking at problem in GNOME, and
actually fix them.   This message was originally posted on
gnome-love gnome org, the mailing list for training new hackers into
making changes to GNOME. 


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