Re: [Re: [[gtkmm] Re: Strange problem running a Gnome App]]

Loban Amaan Rahman <loban earthling net> wrote:
> I'll try that, but like i mentioned in my other email, the thing that
> me is that I'm compiling it on a box with gnomemm-1.1.17, but running it
> it crash. When i copy it to another box with gnomemm-1.1.15 (remeber, i've
> compiled against 1.1.17), it _does_ work. That's why I'm seriously thinking
> it's not a gnomemm issue, but rather something else - like the theme for
> example.
> I'll experiment some more and hopefully find the bug, wherever it may be.

Sounds strange, but don't let it distract you from this general course of

1) Try it with the *latest* version, in this case gnomemm-1.1.19. I won't
spend time on anything but the latest version.
2) If you still have the problem, then send us a compilable simple-as-possible
sample that we can use to reproduce the problem.
3) It gets fixed, or we tell you what you're doing wrong.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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