GLib/GTK+ CVS usability query

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this is considered inappropriate for this
mailing-list but having weathered the first year of my
CS course that requires us to use Ada (eek) I am
planning to learn GLib/GTK+/GNOME programming.

With version 2 of the above-mentioned going into
alpha/beta testing in not that many months, I am more
inclined to just start programming for GNOME CVS. If I
start by doing GLib/GTK+ programs only (no GNOME) I
might not even have to install and maintain so many
CVS libraries around?

So the questions are:

1. How usable are GLib/GTK+ 1.3.x?
2. How much change has there been since the stable
releases and how usable the documentations still are?
3. How feasible is it maintaining GNOME CVS alongside
GNOME 1.4 on the same system - are the libraries named
differently? And - rather important - do the Debian
build script works (as in, a) will make a package and
b) will *not* ask me to remove GNOME stable)

Touch wood, after next month's exams I can hopefully
even contribute to the GNOME 2 release.


Michel Salim

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