Re: GLib/GTK+ CVS usability query

Michèl Alexandre Salim <salimma1 yahoo co uk> writes: 
> 1. How usable are GLib/GTK+ 1.3.x?

They are pretty usable. You'll encounter some bugs from time to time,
and probably some minor API flux, but nothing all that bad.

This is GLib/GTK only. Above that, things are still majorly in flux,
don't try to use them. (i.e. don't try to build libgnomeui, etc. for
use, though you might try to build it to hack on it.)

> 2. How much change has there been since the stable
> releases and how usable the documentations still are?

The unstable docs are a lot better than the stable docs.

> 3. How feasible is it maintaining GNOME CVS alongside
> GNOME 1.4 on the same system - are the libraries named
> differently?

There are zero files in common, there's no problem.

> And - rather important - do the Debian
> build script works (as in, a) will make a package and
> b) will *not* ask me to remove GNOME stable)

The Debian scripts won't work because they list the old files in the
old version, and the new version has different files. ;-)

If there were Debian packages of the new GLib/GTK, they would not
conflict with the old packages.


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