Re: What's the 1.4.x control center branch ??

If you want to know the branches/tags of a specific cvs module
you can run "cvs status -v" (where is
any file on any branch of the module).

Running :
[chema suzzy control-center]$ cvs -z3 status -v 

gives :

File:      	Status: Locally Modified

   Working revision:	1.34
   Repository revision:	1.34	/cvs/gnome/control-center/,v
   Sticky Tag:		(none)
   Sticky Date:		(none)
   Sticky Options:	(none)

   Existing Tags:
	GNOME_MEDIA_1_2_2        	(revision: 1.34)
	CONTROL_CENTER_1_4_0     	(revision: 1.34)
	CONTROL_CENTER_1_3_1     	(revision: 1.33)
	GNOME_PRINT_0_24         	(revision: 1.33)
	CONTROL_CENTER_1_2_2     	(revision:
	EAZEL-NAUTILUS-MS-AUG07  	(revision:
	EAZEL-NAUTILUS-MS-JUL12  	(revision:
	EAZEL-NAUTILUS-MS-JULY_5 	(revision: 1.32)
	control-center-1-0       	(branch: 1.31.2)
	CONTROL_CENTER_1_0_ANCHOR	(revision: 1.31)
	CONTROL_CENTER_1_0_51    	(revision: 1.31)
	CONTROL_CENTER_1_0_50    	(revision: 1.31)
	CONTROL_CENTER_1_0_40    	(revision: 1.30)
	GGV_0_61                 	(revision: 1.30)
	GGV_0_50                 	(revision: 1.30)
	CONTROL_CENTER_1_0_6     	(revision: 1.30)
	FOR_PANEL                	(revision: 1.30)
	CONTROL_CENTER_1_0_5     	(revision: 1.30)
	CONTROL_CENTER_1_0_4     	(revision: 1.30)
	GNOME_CLIENT_LIST        	(branch: 1.30.2)
	CONTROL_CENTER_1_0_2     	(revision: 1.30)
	CONTROL_CENTER_1_0_1     	(revision: 1.30)
	V1_0_0_1                 	(revision: 1.30)
	GNOME_0_30_PATCHES       	(branch: 1.25.2)
	PANTING_CHIMPANZEE       	(revision: 1.25)
	GNOME_0_30               	(revision: 1.25)
	GNOME_0_28_MARTIN        	(revision: 1.21)
	GNOME_0_27               	(revision: 1.16)
	DROOLING_MACAQUE         	(revision: 1.15)
	GNOME_0_25               	(revision: 1.15)
	GNOME_0_20a              	(revision: 1.11)
	GNOME_0_20               	(revision: 1.11)

[chema suzzy control-center]$ 

So there is a branch called "control-center-1-0" and
a tag called "CONTROL_CENTER_1_4_0". I'm not sure what
are you looking for.


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