Re: GDM and alternate authentication methods

Marius Andreiana wrote:

Ben Ford wrote:
I propose that we make GDM modular, in a sense, it can be the graphical
equivilant of PAM.
I thinks this is  the right approach. PAM should be used for auth, GDM
only a gui for it. PAM manual tells about the auth types you listed too.

That's nice. Is there any intention of supporting systems that don't have PAM? (I'm thinking of AIX 4.3.2 and Digital Unix 4.0D/4.0F.)

Not to mention that PAM+Kerberos+AFS is still a crapshoot, thanks to way too many program authors who either don't bother to read the manual or figure that because local auth still works if they cut corners, it's perfectly alright to cut those corners. We *still* don't use PAM here because of this, even though there has been a general improvement at least on the Linux side of things.

In short:  will GDM be usable without PAM?

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