GNOME 2.0 Developer Platform Alpha 2, "Antipodean Mornings"

GNOME 2.0 Developer Platform Alpha 2, "Antipodean Mornings" is released. The
source tarballs are available from:

This release is an almost fully API frozen developer release of the GNOME
2.0 platform, and should be 100% parallel installable with the latest GNOME
1.x platform releases. There is still some work to do on the higher level

Its purpose is to give the community of GNOME developers a platform on which
to build and test the GNOME 2.0 versions of their applications. As such, no
end user applications are included.

Consequently, we'd like to encourage application developers to start porting
their applications to GNOME 2.0. We would also like to encourage operating
system vendors and distributors to provide packages of the GNOME 2 platform
on an experimental/preview basis.

The GNOME 2.0 platform will provide many technical advantages over GNOME
1.x, including full multi-lingual text support, high-quality anti-aliased
text, universal accessibility, improved user experience, and greater ease of

Please file bug reports regarding this release at


  The GNOME 2.0 Release Team

  "Perfection is best left to perfectionist, we just want to write a nice
               desktop environment." - George _vicious_ Jirka

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