Re: Nautilus suggestions

> 1) In Nautilus, get rid of the stupid "Use home directory as desktop"
> option and instead add an option to specify any URI to use as your
> desktop.

Personally I think this is reasonable, wishlist items like this should
really be put in otherwise they will fall through the

> 2) In Nautilus, allow the option of using smooth rendering for only
> icons in addition to using it for icons and fonts

Nautilus 2.0 will use Gtk 2.0 for its fonts, which means that the font
smoothing will be centrally controlled, so this will happen automatically
in the transition.

> 3) In Gnome-libs, move the Nautilus icon theming to the libs so all
> Gnome apps use the same icon set.

This is a great idea, once again you should chek the bugzilla to see if
there is an open bug on it.

> 4) In Nautilus, wtf is up with the way fonts are chosen?  PLEASE make
> the fonts chosen through a regular Gnome font entry so people can pick
> any font they want instead of just the ones Nautilus lists!

Will be taken care of in 2.0


Josh .. Yoshi .. Joschi .. ..

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