Re: Nautilus suggestions

On Nov 08 12:24, Josh Steiner wrote:
> > 1) In Nautilus, get rid of the stupid "Use home directory as desktop"
> > option and instead add an option to specify any URI to use as your
> > desktop.
> Personally I think this is reasonable, wishlist items like this should
> really be put in otherwise they will fall through the
> cracks
I absolutly agree with this one, but I cant find any enchantment bug for
this one on bugzilla.

> > 3) In Gnome-libs, move the Nautilus icon theming to the libs so all
> > Gnome apps use the same icon set.
> This is a great idea, once again you should chek the bugzilla to see if
> there is an open bug on it.

> > 4) In Nautilus, wtf is up with the way fonts are chosen?  PLEASE make
> > the fonts chosen through a regular Gnome font entry so people can pick
> > any font they want instead of just the ones Nautilus lists!
> Will be taken care of in 2.0

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