Re: GNOME 2.0 Developer Platform Alpha 2, "Antipodean Mornings"

murrayc t-online de (Murray Cumming) writes: 
> I'd like some assurance that we'll be able to add construct-time
> properties later. I'm finding that GTK+ is missing a few of these,
> which are showstoppers for language bindings. I expect to have
> reviewed all of GTK+ soon, but I might not get to the GNOME widgets
> for a while.

We may just need to do some workarounds in the language bindings for
now. It can be done. 1.2 was wrapped, and it was missing these left
and right. Where it's really impossible to work around, often we can
fix things to allow a workaround, without requiring new API.

There are many other API deficiencies, life sucks. We have to lock
things down and get the release out.


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