[Fwd: A compliment to you]

FYI...I'm sure we all like to hear some appreciation now and then (even
if it was for a segfault ;)

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> From: John F. Kohler <jkohler2 earthlink net>
> To: webmaster gnome org
> Subject: A compliment to you
> Date: 05 Nov 2001 08:42:47 -0800
> Dear Webmaster,
> This morning, when I booted up my computer with Red Hat 7.2, the Linux
> kernel
> loaded correctly and I saw my command line screen start as it normally
> does.
> I typed in "startx" to get the Xwindow and GNOME system loaded.
> I saw the GNOME graphic with the lighthouse screen start, then a dialog
> box came up indicating a problem in the "panel" program with a
> "segmentation"  fault and a chance to report this failure as a bug.
> I clicked on a link in the dialog box and was immediately connected to
> one of your web pages to report the failure.
> I don't know a segmentation fault from a barn door, but I appreciated
> the
> chance to report the problem.
> Thank you for that.
> Very truly,
> John F. Kohler
> 217 Fairlawn Avenue
> Daly City, CA
> 94015

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