Re: API freeze for GNOME 2

On 13Nov2001 07:38PM (-0500), Alex Larsson wrote:
> Hmm. I have an important outstanding patch that changes the API 
> for PangoFT2. Only users are GtkFB (me), Canvas (me) and the Gimp (sven 
> seemed ok with this change, although he has not commented on the details 
> yet). The normal parts of the pango API are unchanged.
> I'm awaiting review by owen on this though.

OK. Please jump through the hoops of explaining the nature of this
change this change and why it is needed. I think gnome-2-0-list is an
OK place for such discussion, there is no need to keep it hidden on
the private release team list. You should probably also Cc interested
parties who may not be on gnome-2-0-list.



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