Re: Reminder of dates

On 15Nov2001 02:58AM (-0800), Seth Nickell wrote:
> Given how much of things like the panel are having to be rewritten to
> work with the new platform, I think the date is way too agressive. We
> should *definitely* stick by our guns on the freeze, but I think its
> worth considering allowing Panel "feature" work to continue past the
> date (given the current state of the panel, its really hard to define
> what a feature freeze would mean for it, since it has almost no features
> working right now...does that mean as long as they have code in the
> codebase they haven't broken feature freeze? ;-)

I don't think the panel deserves a special exception. I would say it's
OK to fix any feature that worked in 1.4 and now does not. Other
features (including half-done features that are new for 2.0) will need
to be individually reviewed after the feature freeze date.

If there is consensus that feature freeze on the 23rd is unreasonable,
then we canpush it forward, but in effect that would mean majorly
blowing out the Feb 15 target date for the final release.



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