Horizontally resizeable text widgets (with scrollbars?!)

Hi all,

I hope I've chosen the correct list here because I've been searching the
previous archives and the questions look rather deep for me. However:

I'm looking into ways of formatting DNA (the genetic code, to
avoid ambiguity!) sequences, which are usually
formatted onto 60 characters per line, with no line wrapping.
Additionally, I'm numbering the sequences down the side of a window, so I
end up with a 2 column format.

I'd like the sequences to be highlight-able, so as to perform
cut/copy/paste functions, just like using the  GtkText widget (but that
wants me to do line-wrapping, I think.  Am I right here?).

So:  I've been playing withe the GnomeCanvasText, which looks really nice,
and does the formatting how I like it, but I don't see quite how I can get
highlighting/cut/copy/paste functionality going with it!

A useful starting point for the type of layout I'm looking for is the
Evolution addressbook/contacts window, which is even better, because the
columns are re-sizeable.  I'm a bit lost in the Evolution code though (I'm
a newbie, of course!).

Does anyone either have some example code to do something like this, or
can anyone point me to the Evolution source files which set up the
"Contacts" window. (I guess they should be in
$ev-toplevel/addressbook/gui', but I'm
completely lost in there.)  Is it done in Evolution by a GtkText widget
which is embedded into a Canvas?

Thanks in advance for any help, because I'm rather lost!


(P.S. Perhaps I should post to evolution-dev in the end!)

Mark Brooks,
EMBL Grenoble Outstation,
6, rue Jules Horowitz, BP181
38042 Grenoble Cedex 9, France.
Tel: + (0)4 76 20 72 85

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