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I would put a word of caution in designing such system, is that a file
dropped there does not create a security problem by having the script
executing malicious code. I think the mime database should flag what is code
and what is document from the mime types, so that all applications could use
the flagging system with documents to warn users about the execution of

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Browsing thry the GNOME bug database, I came along #63128.

I think the "Active Folders" thing is a great idea.  I *do not*,
however, think that building it into Nautilus is too smooth of an idea. 
That would bloat Nautilus, and then only make these active folders work
when in Nautilus, which is bad.

So, I wrote a super quicky little program that does something very very
simple; it scans a set of directories.  When it finds a file that does
not begin with a . (no hidden files, or worrying about .. or anythign)
is calls a script.  The program jsut does that.  I have have made an
~/Active/Print directory, attached to ~/Active/.scripts/Print script,
which sends the file out to lpr.  It works great. ^,^

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