Re: Your opinion about adding Gnome Xsu to GNOME-Utils

Eric Gillespie <epg progeny com> writes: 
> gnome-sudo does not have this problem.  Strangely, i have not gotten
> a response to a single one of my messages about it.  Not even a
> simple "Buzz off, you're not part of the cabal."

Sorry, it's just that "adding a new app" really isn't anyone's clear
area of responsibility, so unless people feel they have special
insight they aren't going to say anything. The way to guarantee this
sort of thing gets reviewed is to submit the app for inclusion in a
release to the release team. We have this documented somewhere I feel
sure. :-/

I don't personally have anything intelligent to say about gnome-sudo,
other than what would apply to any su-wrapping GUI that I've already
posted in the past, so that's the reason for my silence.


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