Re: GQIC-Unable to Install

Kt, 2001-11-29 06:23, Diwakar rašė:
> Hi All,
> 	I have just downloaded the gicq and libicq tar files from the net. However
> I am not a superuser. I am working on Linux7.1 Readhat Server. I followed
> the Instruction after the tar command, I ./configure the lib file in a
> directory then ./configure the gicq in another directory. While make install
> I have the following error. Kindly help.
> configure: error: You do not appear to have the libicq library installed on
> your system.
> Hope for a quick reply.

You do not want to use any ICQ client based on libicq. You won't be able
to send and receive messages reliably because of changes at mirabilis
(AOL) servers which do not serve old clients reliably.

for such configure errors... there should always be an option to set
prefix where specific library is installed. run ./configure --help

And please ask such user question on gnome-list or elsewhere. This is
not a bug, and anyway, libicq is no way a Gnome library.

Gediminas Paulauskas
Kaunas, Lithuania

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