quick usability improvements

Hi everyone!

I've finnaly read this weekend the great usability report from Sun folks
at http://developer.gnome.org/projects/gup/ut1_report/
and here are some quick things to do if you have time & agree.

* default setting for panel right-click:
        should show only Applets in a submenu and panel menu in menu.
	No Run button.

* gnome search tool goes main menu named 'Search tool' 
	(George, can u change this in gnome-utils? The comment
	in .desktop should be 'Search for files'. I noticed it
	doesn't find folders...)

* gnome terminal emulator -> rename shortcut to 'Shell'. Comment
	should be changed too (don't have other idea that 
	'Shell' now)

* Settings menu: should be gone? show only Control Center launcher
        Setup my GDM face should be somewhere in control center.

Marius Andreiana
You don't have to go to jail for helping your neighbour

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