[Fwd: Re: Hm, small objections about gnomeicu...]

Hm, does anyone know who is now developing/taking care of gnomeicu?
gnomeicu seems like dead to me...

And did anyone another get such errors/does anyone know why this is

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> From: Gediminas Paulauskas <menesis delfi lt>
> To: Fatih Demir <kabalak gtranslator org>
> Subject: Re: Hm, small objections about gnomeicu...
> Date: 02 Oct 2001 17:54:46 +0200
> On Pr, 2001-10-01 19:52+0200, Fatih Demir wrote:
> > ... and I dunno, why this happens: I do get many "Server disconnected
> > you" alike messages from gnomeicu.
> > 
> > With licq I didn't get any such message; do you know why I do get kicked
> > out of ICQ when using gnomeicu? Is there
> > any client filter on Mirabilis' server or or why?
> Someone guesses that GnomeICU sends wrong packets somwhere, and the server
> does not understand, so forces to disconnect. Or maybe GnomeICU does not
> understand something. I still haven't looked at the connection code or
> changed it in any way, so /me is not the right person to ask.... but who
> IS?..
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