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  I'm trying to make a menu of application launchers, 
  with one menu item into which gnome destop entries can be 
  dropped, upon which the corresponding application 
  is appended to the menu as a launcher. 

  To do this, I added a gtk_event_box into the menu 
  item and bound some events to the box so that the 
  data can be dragged into it. Unfortunately, I didn't 
  get it to work yet. The same code snipplet seems 
  to work if the event box is not inside a menu item. 

  So I'd like to know if it is at all possible to 
  use a menu item for dropping data into, and maybe 
  there is some special flag of the menu widget that 
  I have to set to be able to do this. Suggestions? 

  best regards, 


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