Re: Gnome Canvas Item for Editable Text


On Fri, 2001-10-26 at 01:18, Olivier Crete wrote:
> I'm searching for a gnome canvas item which I could use for editable text. 
> Something like GtkText or even better GtkHTML, but I have to be able to 
> put other canvas widgets on top of it, so embeding a regular widget doesnt 
> cut it.. I suppose it already exists?

There is one for the GNOME 2 platform, but there isn't one for the GNOME
1 platform.  There would be quite a lot of work involved in writing one,
so if it's absolutely critical from the functionality standpoint but you
aren't in a rush to release it, you might want to think about waiting
for the GNOME 2 platform to mature a bit.


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